Sunday, 24 June 2012

2010 Opening Ceremonies Olympics

I know this particular event took place some time ago, but with the Summer Games around the corner, I began to think about the opening ceremonies.  This is what is supposed to open your event, kick it off with a bang.  Although I felt a great sense of pride as I watched, I did find some of the "pieces" a little lackluster, lacking something.  I wanted to see what others thought as well.

I took to YouTube to watch some videos that had been posted and read some reviews.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that most people felt the ceremonies were truly magical. 

"I am a New Yorker and want to say how proud I am to have the Canadians as neighbors. What good people! I worked in Toronto some years ago and it was a lovely experience. You Canadians have every reason to be proud - of your country, and of your good people."


watching this in 2012 and literally got shivers and tears in my eyes from watching this especially when the canadians walked in i am so proud to be canadian


I went through many pages to try and find a worthwhile negative comments, but all I could find were jabs here and there about some of the artists, kind of petty in my mind, however, I don't think enough to really rate on the measurement scale.

All and all, this event was truly one of a kind and very, very successful. 

Where you there?  Did you watch?  What did you think?

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Social Media Release

Contact:  Tara Foslien
Senior Communications Specialist
Office of the Mayor, City of Surrey
Laurie Cavan
General Manger
Surrey Parks Recreation & Culture, City of Surrey

Grand Opening of the Water Playground at Unwin Park
 The community celebrated the offical opening of the new Water Playground at Unwin Park
Surrey, BC - June 11, 2012
  • Unwin Park has a rustic theme
  • water tower
  • water cannons
  • multiple in ground spreays
  • feature bridge that spans the 'lazy river' and flows though the centre of the playground
Unwin Water Park Grand Opening

Quote from Dianne Watts, Mayor, City of Surrey
"The water playground will created lasting memories and fun experiences in parks for many children and will act as a catalyst to help build and strengthen the local community."
"Through the Build Surrey program we are investing in new recreation amenities in each of our town centres in order to provide more opportunties for families to keep healthy and active."

Quote from Councillor Linda Hepner, Chair of the Parks, Recreation and Sport Tourism Committee.

"This spectacular water playground is a welcome addition to the New Community."

About the City of Surrey
As the 12th largest city in Canada and the second largest in British Columbia, Surrey is able to offer visitors a rich blend of diverse landscapes, abundant parks, rich cultural opportunities and superb recreational choices. Our friendly and diverse residents are always happy to make new friends.

More information can be found on the city's website .  You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or subcribe to a Feeds.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Social media and Post Secondary Institutions

It's not just businesses diving into social media, its post secondary institutions as well!  As an employee and student of BCIT, I am very interested in what is going on.  As facebook is essentially the only platform I use, I found the BCIT facebook page quite quickly. 

I think BCIT is doing a good job.  They are using the platform for student recruitment, staff recruitment, attendance to upcoming events, etc.  BCIT had an open house not too long ago and this was a great platform for making prospective students aware of the event.

This assignment forced me to look at other institutions as well.  I checked out SFU's page tonite and found that they too have a facebook page, twitter and youtube.  The links are right on the home page, very easy to find.  They even participate in Flickr.

Post secondary is actually a competitive business and I guess institutions also have to keep up with the times.  I find social medial very useful for shopping around, asking questions without committing to a phone call, or impersonal email.