Thursday, 7 June 2012

Social media and Post Secondary Institutions

It's not just businesses diving into social media, its post secondary institutions as well!  As an employee and student of BCIT, I am very interested in what is going on.  As facebook is essentially the only platform I use, I found the BCIT facebook page quite quickly. 

I think BCIT is doing a good job.  They are using the platform for student recruitment, staff recruitment, attendance to upcoming events, etc.  BCIT had an open house not too long ago and this was a great platform for making prospective students aware of the event.

This assignment forced me to look at other institutions as well.  I checked out SFU's page tonite and found that they too have a facebook page, twitter and youtube.  The links are right on the home page, very easy to find.  They even participate in Flickr.

Post secondary is actually a competitive business and I guess institutions also have to keep up with the times.  I find social medial very useful for shopping around, asking questions without committing to a phone call, or impersonal email.


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  1. Hi Sophie,
    What a great comparison you can make by being both a student and an employee. I wonder what other social media you think BCIT could be successful using?