Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Companies that blog

Prior to taking a Social Media class, I would say why bother with blogging. There are so many out there, what makes you so sure your will be read, or why even bother, someone else is out there doing it already.

Then I learned what blogging can do for a business, especially a smaller business.  It doesn’t require a lot of money, just some time and even a little creativity.  Below are my top 3 that event companies should consider when blogging.

1.    Always make sure your content is up to date.  There is nothing worse than old pricing, or items that are no longer available.  It is so frustrating.  Like many, I try to save time (and gas) by doing a lot of research online.  I don’t always like to call the companies, but would rather look them up online.

2.    If someone leaves comments (positive or negative) or asks questions, be sure to answer and in a timely fashion.  There is nothing worse than being left hanging and waiting.  It could mean the difference between choosing that particular company..or their competitor.

3.    Depending on the nature of your business, in my case events, I love to see pictures of decorated venues, or invitations.  Although I like to use my own ideas, reading about others, and even better...seeing pictures will often help me out.  I am so visual!

What about you...what are your top 3????

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