Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Party Bazaar

I love this page!  Although I do tend to have my own creative ideas for birthday partys, special milestones, etc, sometimes I need a little help in the creative department and this is my go to.

The Party Bazzar creates new posts about every two days.  For example, a major event like Canada Day and they have a wonderful post with a link with some great ideas on how to dress up.  They are also very interactive.  I have read their page thouroughly and found that they answer customer questions in a timely manner.

They post great pictures and keep the content up to date and relevant.

Their cover photos are ok, I would maybe suggest changing them up every couple weeks as they are a bit bland (building).  Their contact information and hours of operation are very easy to find.

I was a bit surprised to see so few likes.  I wonder if this is because of the business or just last of visits to the facebook page.  The facebook page is linked to their website, but you do have to scroll down to the very end of the page to find the link. 

What are you doing this Canada Day long weekend???....Visit the Party Bazzar if you need an idea or two!

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  1. Love the consistency of posting every two days. Being able to depend on a brand, company, store, etc to have new material every time I check in makes me a happy customer.