Thursday, 26 April 2012


Transparency is important.  How much is something that will vary between each person, the industry, or people that you are talking about.

Using an elective medical procedure as an example, I would say it is fair to be forthright about pricing, ensure that there are no hidden costs.  Put it all out.  Prospective patients will appreciate this.  Also providing a list of surgeons and their background and information is also great.  Why hide?  I've seen so many companies advertise their great, famous, top of the line doctor, to get you there.  Once there, you find out that he isn't operating much anymore, or only on certain days...but can have this guy...he's great (only one year out of school...not much experience, etc).

This blog touches on another part of transparency within the medical field that is also important.  I've seen this so many times.  There are so many products on the market today that essentially can do the same job.  Why does a clinic decide to use one versus the other.  You would hope it would be a doctor preference due to personal feedback from patients, proven ability to work, but unfortunately, its often about the drug manufacturer and what kind of kickbacks they are willing to provide, lower costs, etc.

I firmly believe having options is the best.  What works for one may not always work well for another.  I believe collecting more personal data about a person (such as drug reactions, etc) needs more emphasis and that its that information that should determine what drug a person is given.

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