Friday, 4 May 2012

My social media personality????

This particular blog has taken me all week to figure out.  I don't twitter, I only signed up, reluctantly to LinkedIn.  I do have a facebook account which I use to connect with some friends and family, but mostly to play some online games.  I don't blog.  So how am I supposed to determine my social media personality????

Off to google I go.....

This was quite interesting, I've discovered that I am....

* The Chameleon
This personality type are tricky, because they don’t actually have a personality to show on social media. They fit into whatever conversation at the time, and agree, agree, agree. You’ll never find them being questioning, or starting a debate – they are too concerned with everybody liking them to actually engage in a meaningful way. Watch the Chameleon, they’ll drag you down.

Clearly I need to step up my game.  I'm feeling a bit insulted...drag you down?  I'm just trying to be there, take part in communications and no insult anyone or start any huge disagreements.

I am now aspiring to All Rounder what about you?

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