Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Is it a good idea to use Facebook for sending out party invites????

My son's birthday is in February.  I was only just finally decompressing for the whirlwind we will call Christmas, that I was not looking forward to planning yet another party.

Like most other mom's, I work full time and have such a big load at home.  I am always one for finding ways of cutting down how much time I spend on something.  I do research online, viewing online flyers, before shopping to make sure I get the best deal.  I don't want to go to the bank, I do it online. Forms to fill in, why wait for the mail, download from the web.  So when it came time to to party invitations and send them out, I thought why not Facebook???!!!

My mom, who doesn't use facebook, thought this was silly and I haven't personally received invitations this way so I decided to hop online and do a bit of research to see if this was an acceptable thing to do.  I  came across an article .

Now the article did not provide me the answer I initially sought out but it sure gave me a good chuckle.  What about you???  I decided to post to Digg to see what I could come up with...

Oh, just in case your wondering....I bought the paper invites and sent them off in the mail.


  1. I have received a few e-vites, as well as facebook party invites for events. I prefer the facebook pages for parties, as it's better organized than the e-vite is. I suppose it would depend on how old your son's turning, and if the facebook invites are being circulated to parents, or the children (?) attending the party.

    We sure do live in a different time, when opening one's email for party invitation becomes the norm!

  2. I think it's become much more socially acceptable to use Facebook for event planning purposes, including invitations. Since *most* individuals are on Facebook, they are more likely to view the event details and RSVP (provided they are a regular site user). On the other hand, I find electronic invitations to be irritating since they all look different and I have to figure out how to RSVP and comment each time I receive them. Not many of my peers use them, which could explain why I prefer the familiarity of Facebook events.

    In your situation, though, I would have asked myself if the majority of guests (your son's friends' parents?) are on Facebook. Alternatively, paper invitations can be fun for kids to make and circulate to their friends. In the end, I suppose it depends what you have time for and who your target audience is...

  3. Sometimes, I wonder...what happened to email?

    Personally, I would email the parents of the kids assuming you have their email addresses. I agree with Miriam in that hand-making invitations can be fun, however, I tend to go the online route because it helps save paper. Either way, I would avoid Facebook for family and friend gatherings. I believe using Facebook to promote events on an event page is better served to larger scale events that are open to the public. That way, you should already have a proper risk management plan in place that relates to the number of potential attendees in case the event does go "viral".